As I lay in bed the morning after the dance, I was flooded with memories of Phyllis.  I was bowled over by her looks. She was beautiful.

Phyllis, 25 years later

The way she held her back so straight as she walked and stopped to speak to other girls. Her manner was both elegant and friendly.


25 years later, Phyllis, Girl of my dreams


I  remembered every detail of the night before.  Phyllis arrived at the dance later than the other kids.  As I watched her for a little while, trying not to be obvious,

As I looked her way again, to my amazement, she was walking toward me.  She stopped in front of me and looked me straight in the eye and asked “do you wanted to dance”.

I don’t remember the dance but I do remember it was a slow one.  I was glad.  I danced better slow than fast, at least I thought so.

I asked her to dance with me again and again that evening. Obviously enjoying her presence, I was sure I wanted to see her gain.

When the dance broke up, Mrs Lasson asked if I wanted to ride with them since they lived next door to Frank and Angie.

I said, sure.  Phyllis’ mother stopped at the drive way entrance to their house, which was my cue to get out of the car.  I got out, said thanks and started home trying to remember ever thing Phyllis said.

Suddenly I looked at the clock and realized I had been day dreaming.  I just knew that I would see her again that day.

Of course, I did