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The Faith of our Parents

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My Mother….Phyllis talks about her Grandmother….Building a Church……Bill and Ellen…..Lesson in Love…….Waiting for Dad….Brush Arbor Revival….Honesty and Respect…The Man with a Hard Heart..Helping Strangers..Day I was Saved….Why me Lord….Hard Times Fond Memory…Playmates in 1948…Another Family Member…A Promise Made a Promise Kept… Taking Our In-Laws on Vacation…..After Dad Lost the Farm….Dad Can Read….. Dad’s Ramblings



Today is a big day for my website, possum hollar.  It is the first anniversary of posting the first of over 80 stories on Facebook. Those stories have been read over 11,000 times and about 300 comments have been left on the website and many more on Facebook.

Here are a few of the comments left on the website over the past year.  I’ve included the name of the person who made the comment and the title of the story about which the comment was made..

     Love having Great grandma’s poem! Very beautiful…. Bethany Watts, “Waiting For Dad”.

     Wow! These are stories I don’t ever recall hearing. . Living and being with them (Alfred and Addie Burr) day after day for all my childhood, I thought I knew almost everything about them, Becky Sanders. “A Lesson In Love”

      Uncle Frank told me of your page and I must say I have enjoyed all of the stories.       Wonderful to read and my mind just races to the next. Gary Burr,..Intelligence Officer   (S-2)”     

      That might be the sweetest thing I’ve ever read❤Vannesa Watts. “Day After Dancing With Phyllis”

     Jack,when I heard that you were in the service, I hoped you would be all right. Because I knew you when we were kids. Our parents were close back then. Wasn”t my dad uncle to your dad? After reading that story,I knew my hopes were right, You had a confidence about you that you could take care of things. Maybe it comes from being the oldest child in your family and being close to your dad. By the way,Janis and Patsy are my sisters–Sonny,Johnny and Jimmy are my brothers. So I suppose we are all cousins. After all these years, I remember when those pictures were taken in Stratford , Phyllis Threlkeld, “Righteous Anger”

     A wonderful story, I am sharing your stories with our children. Together, a family and can stand against anything. Gary Burr, “Heartache of Seperation”

     You still do the same to this day! Bethany Watts, “A Night in the Life of a Company Commander”

     I remember the Salvage Yard and working on my own cars. I remember one particular day when talking to Alfred, I had spotted 2 bull’s eye reflectors hanging on a nail. I asked Al what it would take to buy them. His reply was that he would give them to me, if I would promise to never sell them. Needless to say, I said OK, I still have them to this day. …. Will always keep my promise and will ask my children to do the same. Thomas E. Burr, “Burr’s Auto Salvage”.

     I read through Uncle Jack’s stories like a person in Dallas drinking ice tea in the heat of summer…… I loved Grandpa as a kid would love a father and truly miss him. Best wishes and love in Christ to all our family, Dennis Burr, “Honesty and Respect”.

     Hi Jack, I remember the leeches after crossing rivers and streams we would use the buddy system and burn them with a cigarette…..You know Jack, thinking back those were the good days over there at least leeches, scorpions and ants would not kill you, Pace Caldwell, “Beatles and Other Things That Bite”

     I would like to thank you for the courage and dedication to upholding “No man left behind”, Kevin Caldwell, 50 Years After The Battle”

     What a beautiful story! I enjoy reading your stories. Awesome picture of Aunt Phyllis on Dad’s motorcycle ? ❣Love you both! Debbie McClendon, “Meeting Phyllis”

     Love these pictures!!!! Hope to hear some stories about your time in school. Oh, and your dates with Grandma. BethanyWatts,“The Day I Left Home”

      Although very sad and yes a tear jerker, it’s an amazing feeling to read these stories and even with teary eyes a big smile comes across my face! Lots of love! Becky, “A Lesson In Love’.

Jack, thank you for sharing a very personal part of your life that I never knew about. You and your family are a blessing to my life. Tim Denning. “Heartache of Separation”.

     Jack I enjoy all your stories and this one hit home with me, ” Doing the right thing, Being responsible for others, Putting the needs of your soldiers above your own.” Pace Caldwell. “When Things Don’t Go Right” 

     Awesome Story, Thanks for sharing ? Keith Hyslop, …..    “How I Met Phyllis

     Jack, Your folks were the people that Tom Brokaw wrote about in his book ” The Greatest Generation”. Strong, hardworking folks. Tim Denning,    “Waiting For Dad

     You made me want to drive our motor home to this beautiful part of America. So much to see, so little time. Sharon leaf,    “The Black Hills”.

     Oh my, things I never knew…Brenda Christian.  “Curious Child

     SGT Dill’s wife Donna, sent me the following message after reading the story, Righteous Anger. I’m sure you will find it edifying. “I just read your account of what happened that day. I am so proud of the man I married. Thank you for sharing the story with me. I will share it with the rest of my family. Be blessed”. Donna Dill,     “Righteous Anger”

     Words can not express my feeling, nor mine and my families Thanks. Brothers Forever, Pace Caldwell,     “When Things Don’t Go Right”

  ….this baby, they named Brenda wants to now thank you for helping me get born….Brenda Burr,     “Going to School”

      I enjoyed the story. I remember that girl. We went to Jane Adams, and then to Park school in Tulsa. I moved with my family then. to California, Ron Owen.     “How I Met Phyllis”

      Kimberly has been our spokes person here . . . But, Donna, Kimmy and I sit in the living room and read these together. Randy Burr,     “Honesty and Respect

      I firmly believe that you can love your dog (or hen, or any pet) . However not as much as your pet loves you, Rick Burr,  “Rags”

      I’m happy you’re doing this, can’t wait to read more! Mellisa burns ,    “Honesty And Respect”

      I was 3. So, I don’t remember this double Christmas. But I have a lifetime of memories of you both, mom and dad, Cynthia, Ferrell, “Burr Family cdlebrated two Christmas’”

      Incredible! You all look great. These are some of the best pics of Mount Rushmore I have seen, Jeff Randall, “The Black Hills”

     Fantastic testimony, Dennis Burr, “The Day I Was Saved

     My brother Donny showed me ur site… So glad he did, I love reading about my family in OkLinda Qualls, “Honesty and Respect”

     So glad you were able to find additional information on Poppa Burr’s service as well. He would have been super proud! Becky Sanders, “50 Years After The Battle…”

     So that’s where our milk came from! couldn’t you ever find our chocolate cow? Blake Smith, “milking cows”   

     This story always makes my heart pound!, Bethany Watts, …  Platoon Leader...

     Hi Jack. Welcome home. Denny Krause sent me the link to your site and when I saw the name I knew who you were. Lt TJ Blue, “…  Platoon Leader in Vietnam…”(The last time I had seen LT Blue was in 1969 before last September).

Ken Burr said of Frank and Angie Burr.  Truly blessed to call them Mom and Dad… two of the few heroes in my life!  Story by Frank Burr Jr. 

These comments are but a sampling of the encouraging things you have left.  Reminds me of the conversation I had with my family last November.  I had finished a lengthy conversation with a fellow soldier I served with in 1967.  It was the first time I had spoken with him in about 50 years.

When Phyllis realized I it was Pace I was talking to, she called Cynthia’s family in to listen to the conversation (we were camping with her family in Guadeloupe, Campground, TX).  We had several  in our motorhome listening to Pace and I as we talked and cried about making it out of Vietnam while others did not.  It was a wonderful conversation that lasted more than an hour.

We ended the conversation, promising to call each other frequently and meet each other in person soon.   We did both.

As the family sat around and talked about the phone call and the affect it had on each of us, my wife, Phyllis suggested that I should share this story and other inspirational stories  with others outside the Burr family.  Until then, I had written a few stories but shared them with our immediate Burr family.

I called my son, Rick, the ultimate IT guru,  who put the Website, Possum Hollar, together.  He showed me how put a link on my Facebook and the rest is history.

That was about four years ago.  Since then God has used this endeavor as a ministry.  Not only for my Spiritual growth but for meeting others whose lives have been blessed.  These stories have been read over 50,000 times and several hundred comments left.  Without exception, each one was positive and many expressed thanks for the beneficial message.

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