We Family, is a chronological telling of events which shaped our family.   When family stories are informative, inspiring and challenging are shared,  traditions are established and bonds are strengthened and are passed from one generation to the next.  The importance of a strong family structure cannot be overstated.  God said as much in the first book of the Bible.

Before going further, I must describe how and why writing became a means to overcome the illness brought about by PTSD.  Vietnam was nearly a taboo subject for 50 years or so. For reasons unknown to me,  I sometimes would wake at night and wonder why unbidden thoughts brought tears leaking from my eyes, reliving the heartbreak of a lost comrade or carrying a dead soldier away from enemy bullets.

After years of denial and one such sleepless night, I brought my malady to Phyllis, my understanding wife.  For reasons known only to God, she had been reading about such issues as mine.  Phyllis, the most important person in my life, lovingly guided me to a place where I was able to openly examine the events that I had locked away.  Among other suggestions, she recommended that I write about my experiences.  So I did. The result was immediate and therapeutic.

I started with the easy stuff. reliving childhood events and capturing what I could recall. One memory unveiling the next and so on.  Honesty and Respect was my first story and after a short time I was able to write about Vietnam which were  also posted at a website designed by my teckey son, Rick.  Since August, 2016 my stories have been read over 50,000 times and received 100’s of comments.  Although, writing was not intended to be a ministry, God has used the stories to bless several soldiers and their relatives, perhaps others unknown to Phyllis and I.

Since the creative juices no longer seem to be forthcoming and the website is getting more difficult to navigate and maintain, I am going to dismantle the project.