Upon returning from our trip from North Carolina to see Pickle, we stopped by Ft Benning, Ga to meet Pace and his wife, Dot.   We visited the miniature wall to honor the seven soldiers who were killed in battle while serving in the 1/35th Infantry Battalion, Plieku, South Vietnam,  Brave and honorable Infantry soldiers each.

           Arrow Heights Baptist Church

Phyllis and I felt especially blessed to be able to affect the lives of two families in a positive way.   By the Grace of God we do what we do.  We bought a house in Broken Arrow and joined Arrow Heights Baptist Church and renewed our faith in Christ in a more committed way.

Then we were caught up in the Coronavirus Restrictions like everyone else.

Because of our health and age, we decided to be very cautious and stay home except to buy essentials.

Phyllis and I had started a project to catalog the church archives that had been stored since the church was founded in 1955.  Like many Institutions, documents, directories and other items are placed in storage waiting for a time to organize.

       I wanted to get our flag in the picture

We started about the first week in October 2019 and temporally halted our work in March 2020 until the health threat had lessened.   We probably need another month or more to finish the project when we get back to work.

I was teaching a Bible class on Wednesday nights and finished 8 weeks of a 19 week course when the virus hit this area.  So I began classes on-line using ZOOM.  Although it doesn’t come close to teaching person to person, it served the purpose.

We have started a ZOOM family discussion once a month.  The third such gathering is August, 2020.  I hope it continues.  Families need each other.  The only way that can happen is if we know what’s going on in each others lives.

Phyllis has been working on a quilt for each of our three children.    

Recently she purchased a keyboard and has started taking lesson online from her daughter-in-law, Donna, who lives in Maryland.  My wife is not afraid to tackle anything.