Phyllis and I decided in the the early 80’s that we would retire from the Army.  She had been talking for some time that we needed to “get in Church”.

Looking back, we can see God’s hand at that pivotal point in our life. He created circumstances that made the decision the only practical one. We moved to West Tulsa in 1981 and joined Bethel Baptist Church.   Everyone in the Burr family was involved in church activities, from teaching, yard work, to kitchen help. God was doing a mighty work in our lives, blessing each of us.  As was our custom on Wednesday evening, Phyllis’s father and I went on visitation.

On this particular visit, Bill choose to take the lead and started the conversation with the older gentleman, who was lying in bed, obviously very ill.  He told Bill he didn’t have much longer to live.  When asked where he expected to spend eternity, the man replied.  “i’ll be in hell with all my buddies.”

You don’t have to go there, Bill said and started telling the man about Jesus. The man stopped him and said he didn’t want to hear that stuff.    We concluded our visit and started for the door, when Bill turned and started to say something. He changed his mind and we left. It was obvious the man had hardened his heart toward God and sealed his own fate. 

A sad story but repeated too often. God’s Grace is available to all, but is effectual only for those who believe.  It is appointed unto man once to die; and then the judgment.