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The Nickle, Chapter 4, Page 3, “We Family


During our Christmas reunion the family was reminiscing about family stories when, our daughter, Cynthia told about going to the store recently to buy a few items, including two bags of ice.  Later that day she realized that she had paid for only one bag.  She immediately returned to the store and paid for the extra bag of ice.  Cynthia reminded us of the story which had provided her a guide in such matters.

In the 1960’s, her grandfather Burr, had traveled to Muskogee to borrow money from a bank because he was struggling to make ends meet.  When he returned to Warner, he discovered that the cashier had given him a nickel too much.

Cynthia and her mother, Phyllis

Although it was only a nickel, he went back the same day and returned the money.  When asked why he would do such a thing? He said , “The money didn’t belong to me,

it belonged to the other man. ”   Cynthia was only a youngster when it happened but she remembered because the family had told and retold the story many times.

Since her grandfather had set an example, she felt compelled to do the same.

  Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth.  Colossians 3:2

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