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Day: August 16, 2020

Leaving the Army, Chapter Three, Pg 1, “We Family”


Phyllis and I had been talking for some time about getting out of the Army.  It was all a matter of timing, since retirement rules require that a soldier must hold the rank at which he retires for two years.                                 BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH

My two-year date was in October , 1981.  About 18 months to go. We were living in Derby Kansas for a few months when I was involved in a serious accident.  A driver had lost control of small sports car, apparently a heart attack, and topped a hill on my side of the road at about 60 MPH.  I had no reaction time and we struck head-on.  Unfortunately, he was killed in the crash.

My injuries required a number of hospitalizations during the last 18 months of remaining military service and placed a significant burden on Phyllis.  Our children were in their teens and needed attention as children in that age group do.  She also had me to care for during those months.  Phyllis had suggested several times that we retire to Tulsa and join a Church and be serious about our faith.  We joined Bethel Baptist Church in West Tulsa.

Since I had accrued leave time, I was permitted to leave my duty station early to be discharged at the end of the two year threshold.  We used that time to buy a motorhome because we knew that camping was in our future. We heard that civilian life required adjustments, however we adjusted just fine.  It  was liberating, not having to answer the call of duty. 

A small church that Phyllis’ relatives attended was our choice and we served there about four years,working in whatever ministries were needed.  Rick remained in Derby and Randy Cynthia completed High School at Webster in West Tulsa.  They were saved and became active Bethel Baptist Church members.

Phyllis and I took the Liberty Home Bible Associates Course and enjoyed learning new things from our instructor Dr. Harold Willmington.

One particular ministry we were engaged in was to provide food to the those in need in our community.  Phyllis and I took care of the logistics of a food pantry that we managed from our garage.  Local merchants were exceptional generousand  Pastor Wadie Smith provided names of needy families.  We delivered bags or boxes as needed and of course, shared the Gospel.

         Randy and Cynthia

During this time Randy married a beautiful and talented girl, Donna Cobb.  Randy answered God’s call to the ministry.  Thirty-five + years later, He and Donna are still serving God in Grace Brethren Church of Lanham, and Lanham Christian School, a K4-12 college preparatory day school located in Lanham, Maryland in Prince George’s County.

Cynthia became a dynamic christian teacher at Bethel.  She choose her life work as a teacher during that time.  She decided to join her brother Randy who then enrolled in Baptist Bible College in Springfield, Mo.

Phyllis and I decided to move to Springfield also.  What better way to support our kids.  Again, we both were busy with the work of the Lord for 10+ years before we started to travel in 1995.

Table of Contents, Chapter Three, In Between Years, “We Family”

Between Years, Chapter Three, “We Family”

Chapter three begins with the welcome decision to leave the Army and return to a more stable lifestyle.  While many benefits resulted from our army time, we wanted a change.  For one thing Phyllis wanted the family in church.  Phyllis and I were saved at an early age, but neither or us practiced what one might call a christian walk.  Rick had been saved at church camp a few years earlier and our other two children were ready fo the Gospel message.

Leaving the Army, but too early to retire is the “In between Years”.  I had just turned 42 and Phyllis would soon be 41.  Too early to hang up the work shoes but old enough to slow down a bit.  But after a few weeks we were back up to old selves.  Getting busy, maybe too busy.  On that point you can judge for yourselves.

The stories in this chapter are listed below.  To read the story 1, type “leaving army” in search box, after reading the story, notice a link to the next story at bottom right of page.    Enjoy the read.

  1.   Leaving the Army 
  2.  The Reluctant Servant
  3.   Hard Heart. 
  4.   Springfield
  5.   Addition to the Family 
  6.   Another Addition
  7.   Dad  Can Read
  8.   Phyllis’s Grandmother
  9.   Promise Kept                                                                                                                                                                               




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