This day was going to be a good.  The first day in our new camper and snow on  the ground, but all most gone.  It’s amazing how quickly the snow melted.  We loaded up, checked if we had everything and started on our journey.  We just had a couple of names and addresses of campsites nearby.  The kids still talk about this camping experience.                                            After finding the first one closed we moved to the next one on our list.  The owner was outside cleaning up around the campground.  The snow was melting and would all be gone today.   

Mr. Paul Bunyan

We asked if  it be Ok to stay.  the owner said  there wasn’t any thing to do.  Well, the kids asked if they could help.  The owner smiled and said OK.  So we stayed. 

Randy’s an old hand at driving tractors.  Just ask him, there is nothing to it.

As it turned out, it was one of our best experiences as these pictures show.  It was a fun day for the kids


After a day’s hard work. we better get some rest because there’s more work to be done  tomorrow.