Twelve months was the length of a tour in Vietnam.  Sometimes time seemed to stand still but other times it was a blur.  You see, I was an Infantry Company Commander in a dangerous environment and Phyllis was home with the burdens of caring for our family, doing her job and mine.  Sacrifices for both of us.   But such makes a strong bond.

For me, most of the time the enemy seemed to be nowhere around and the tendency was to let down your guard, a costly thing to do.  The 100+ in the company must not become compliance. It was my job to make sure they did not.   Such are the demands of command and leave little time to think of Phyllis and our three children, but in was there, in the back of my mind at all times.

My beautiful with a beautiful smile.  I loved her then and I love her now.  These pressures are the reason a period of Rest and Recuperation (R&R) is necessary.  The time was in September, 1969.   A week in Hawaii with the love of my life, Phyllis.If you look carefully you can tell by the shine on our faces how important this time together was to both of us.   Sights and sounds of scenery, people and activity were of little concern to us.

We were too busy enjoying the presence and happiness of each other.

To the Beach.         A stop on our bus route.  Time was a scarce .  A  commodity not to be wasted.   We made the best of it by seeing and doing together.  Time was short and we must prepare to leave.   Each our own way.  Three short months and we will not be separated again.   I have made up my mind, I will not accept being away from my family again.    No unaccompanied tours.   With my record and determination, the Army obliged.    

This is my last assignment requiring separation from my family.

As we reflect on these few days sixty-one years later, it was the most wonderful time we have spent together.  Memories are precious