I’ve done some dumb things in my life but one of the dumbest was the decision to buy a house trailer instead of living on base at Ft Wolters, TX.  Trailer parks are not necessarily

an undesirable place to live but when alternatives are available which are provided as a benefit of service.  Well that’s another matter.   

Not only is it more convenient to live on base but it is also less expensive.  When it rained the trailer park roads were muddy.  Not only the car got dirty, the boys always found it was

Our third child. Cynthia

more fun to play in the street than in the yard.  Well, that’s enough about bad decisions.        The next most eventful remembrance of our stay in mineral wells was the time we went to

Possum Kingdom and fished below the dam.  After fishing for a while, we spread out a blanket to take a nap.  The river below the dam was notorious for flooding when the gates were opened.  This was one of those times.  While we were sleeping the water was rising. You can imagine the scare when we woke up and the water almost up to our blanket.  The trip was not a total bust, we caught several white bass.   Our girl,  Cynthia was born on base at Ft Wolters.  She was cute.  Of course, she was.  She looked like her mother when she was little and when she was growing up.  She was photogenic, as you can see.

Ellen came to stay for several days when Cynthia was born.  We were stationed there for two years.  Cynthia was about 6 months old when I received orders for Vietnam.  The boys were two and four.We moved to Tulsa a few months later.I left for Vietnam in September, 1966 I loved my boys.  Of course Cynthia was my sweetheart.  NaturallyTaken in Bill and Ellens front yard a few weeks before I left for my next duty assignment.

We were a young couple with three kids and a future of great things