Drive 40 miles north out of Columbus, GA on highway 27, turn east on dirt road for about four miles around a curve and down into a valley.

You have arrived at Davis Lake, a great destination for a family vacation or a weekend of fun activities.  I don’t know how many times our family made that trip from Ft Benning but it was certainly many times.

Almost every Friday afternoon I would work the schedule that I could take off early.  It was a happy time for every member of our family.  We were stationed at Ft Benning three times.  The trip to Davis Lake described here was the second time.

Rick on top, Randy and Cynthia on bottom.

We were a family who loved the outdoors.  Rick, Randy and Cynthia all loved to walk in the woods, play ball, swim, fish or go boating.  All outdoors.  We grew up together traveling and enjoying it. 

We owned a camper or a tent for almost every year our children were at home.

Let me count: a family tent, a 17’ pull camper, a 24’ pull camper, a pickup camper, a motor home, four 5th wheel campers, and 3 motorhomes.  Each of these are featured in stories such this one.

Rick and Randy fishing and Cynthia looking at her hand.

Our first trip in our new Volunteer was in the summer of 1970.    Although the fish were not biting this day, it did deter the boys.  Cynthia

didn’t seem to be interested in fishing at all.  But she developed some skills later.

Since she was only three, she was most interested in dolls and such.

All three of our children possessed a sensitive spirit.  They responded well to kindness and were well behaved.

The kids and I decided to let mom sleep in for once.  We went to play ball.  I’m the invisible pitcher,

Rick is the ump and Cynthia is the disinterested fan. 

Of course, Randy is the make believe batter who just hit a home run.  We know is was a home run because he told us as soon as he hit the ball.

Well, playing a game of baseball will wear a person out.  So we are taking  the 7th inning stretch.

I’m guessing that Randy is playing an imaginary game and he is keeping score.Rick is entertaining.  Making faces is his new way of communicating.  Cynthia is just being cute.  Or maybe day-dreaming.