The family is the most important institutions of God’s designed for mankind.   It is the place where a person’s identity and self worth are developed.   It is the place where  values such as kindness and honesty are learned and character is formed and nurtured.

The family is the place where Ideas and  personal beliefs about what is important and what is not and what is right and what is wrong are learned and practiced.   It is a place where we love and are loved, a place  where kindness is given and accepted.  It is  the family that gives each of us all this and more, a tradition.   A tradition  worthy of extending to the next generation.

Traditions are events that provide a sense of identity and help tell the story of your family.  Recreating the same experience, whether it’s once a week or around specific events like birthdays or holidays, builds shared memories.

Family stories  reinforces values such as faith, honesty, a good education,  responsibility, a strong work ethic or other values as the story line dictates..    Which is the  purpose in writing and sharing stories about my family.

The following story is one of many that will be in a book to be published for my family.  This is a unlikely story to be told.  God’s providence was at work.  Click on “link” below and read and enjoy.


PICKLE copy 3